Saya Iwasaki works together with educational specialists around the world and you to transform your learning spaces and experiences



Learning Experience Design


As we move into the digital age, there are more intersections between technology and learning. The big goal is always to design learning experiences that actually promote learning, and technology can be a great facilitator for that. 

We design innovative learning solutions that have been tailored to your specific needs--by listening to your stories, brainstorming tons of ideas, prototyping, testing, and reflecting. 


Learning Space Design


More than ever, transformative learning spaces influence how our students experience their learning. Learning environments that reflect the educational philosophy and curriculum while addressing the needs of the students are more likely to contribute to positive learning outcomes. When all of these spaces come together, what is your envisioned school experience?

We work together with you to conceptualize a school space experience that are best aligned to your educational vision and curriculum. 


About Me

I am a passionate educator and learning designer, determined to create transformative learning experiences through digital and physical interactions. I specialize in human-centered design, education management, and community-based learning models. By designing modern schools with the people, for the people, I believe that we will pave the path towards an educational ecosystem that values sustainability, compassion, global identity, creativity, and community. I graduated from Bard College with a Bachelor's in Political Studies, and completed my Masters at Stanford Graduate School of Education's Learning, Design and Technology Program. 

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