Designing Learning Technology to Foster Global Citizenship by Saya Iwasaki

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman indicated in 2005 The World is Flat that global boundaries have become blurred and abstract with globalization. As people travel beyond their own communities physically or digitally, and collaborate with people from different backgrounds, what role can education and technology play in nurturing worldly citizenship?

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Exploring Diversity in Education: The Khayay School in Myanmar by Saya Iwasaki

After looking at different learning methods around the world, I began to ask the question: is it possible to teach inclusivity in schools so that empathy is not just a conscious reaction, but rather an embodied behavior? How do schools celebrate diversity?

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Education by Saya Iwasaki

The category education itself is such an all-encompassing category that deals with early childhood to adult learning, formal and informal learning, policy, technology, funding, access and stereotype threat — just to name a very few. Is it learning? Is it schooling? So many never-ending questions! There are perpetual inquiries on education that anybody who has an interest in any of the educational categories wonder. We ask, how ethical is it for us to determine what is educationally “right?” We question, what is education for? Exasperatedly, we shout to the universe, what is education?

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