Hi, I'm Saya!

I'm passionate about building incredible organizations that enable amazing teams, culture and equity. Currently at DoorDash, working on Global Expansions & Enablement.

Past: Bitski, IdeoU, Khayay School, Stanford (MA in Education), Bard, OnDeck Fellow

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Startups (High-Growth & Early-Stage)
My focus is on building organizations and operations that enable global teams to move fast, lean and thoughtfully. My approach has spanned launching new international markets & supporting M&As; building and delivering scaled employee lifecycle programs servicing 5000+ employees (ERG Programs, Global Onboarding, Site Leadership, Women's Leadership Day); and driving People Strategy & Planning.

Past consulting work with Fortune 100s & large orgs (CISCO, CJUSD, Nasdaq) focused on facilitating strategic alignment within large (30+ Decision-Makers) cross-functional groups. Career began with PreK-8 international school management.

Design GPS
A human-centered strategy planning framework.

Aligning stakeholders over a shared vision, identify mission critical goals and take actionable next steps – all in one sitting.

Clients include San Francisco State University, Cisco, Colton JT Unified, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, California Community College Chancellor's Office, Stanford University, DoorDash

In partnership with Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Milestone Mapping is a guide to help entrepreneurs prioritize their critical business milestones and gain clarity around their action plan for success.

Download the Toolkit Here

Stanford University
A series of bite-sized, visualized learning theories. Utilized as class material in Stanford's Graduate School of Education.

Fxck 2016
F*ck 2016 is a social modern history card game that captures the events of 2016 and helps people stay educated on what went down.

Other Projects
"Design Thinking for Space" curriculum designed for Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP)"Empathy in the Workplace" curriculum designed for Global Lives Project"StoryPod": a Stanford-Keio Media University collaboration on re-designing the Gifting ExperienceAn interactive multilingual numbers workbook for The Khayay SchoolLearn inHabit: Master's thesis project on the relationship between physical space and learning


🤳🏻On Society
The Atrocities in Myanmar Can't Be Summed Up in a Tweet" (Feature on Medium)"The Case of the Missing Grandma and How Facebook Saved Us""Designing Learning Technology to Foster Global Citizenship""What I Talk About When I Talk About Education""K, Thanks, Bye to Cultural Bullshit""Exploring Diversity in Education"
On Blockchain
"Blockchain is a 1% Conversation and That Needs to Change" (Feature on Hackernoon)"How I Explained Blockchain to My Mom... And How You Can Too"All of the P's! What Do Permissions and Privacy Mean in Blockchain?""Blockchain for N00bs – What are Ledgers?""Does Your Crypto-Company Suffer from 'Extreme Blockchain Complexity?'"
👩🏻On Self
"Eye Can See, Eye Can Help"
📖Children's Storybooks
Little Matt and the Sketchy Universe


Original designs, logos and art pieces.

Paintings here